'A Dispute Among the Doctors'

Pietro della Vecchia


Plato's Academy (?)

100 BCE7-9 AD

Excavated at Pompeii


2020-present 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', University College London

2019-present 'Topics in Aristotle', University College London

Graduate supervision:

2021 MA dissertation (phronesis in Plato and Aristotle), University College London

2021 MA dissertation (gene editing and disability), University College London

2020 PhD thesis (Plato's Euthydemus), University College London

2020 MA dissertation (Covid-19 and the justification of lockdown)

2020 Supervisor for MA student (mandatory vaccination), University College London

Undergraduate supervision:

2020-2021 BA Dissertation (the self), University College London

2020-2021 BA Dissertation (Plato and Shakespeare), University College London

2013-2018 'Plato's Republic in Greek', University of Oxford

2013-2018 'Plato's Republic in Translation', University of Oxford

2013-2018 'Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics in Greek', University of Oxford

2013- 2018 'Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics in Translation', University of Oxford

Teaching assistant:

2019 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', 'Topics in Greek Philosophy: Plato', University College London 

2018-2019 'Philosophy of Psychology', King's College London 

2018-2019 'Introduction to Chinese Philosophy', King's College London 

2018-2019 'Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics', King's College London 

2018-2019 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', King's College London

2012-2013 'Philosophy of Religion', King's College London 

2012-2013 'Metaphysics I', King's College London