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Ancient of Days

William Blake


Plato's Academy (?)

100 BCE7-9 AD

Excavated at Pompeii



2022-2023: 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', University of Essex

2022-2023: 'Plato's Gorgias', University of Essex

2020-2022: 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', UCL

2019-2022: 'Topics in Aristotle', UCL

Undergraduate supervision:

2020-2023: BA dissertations (ancient Greek philosophy, Indian philosophy, environmental ethics, interdisciplinary studies, metaphysics), UCL 

2022-2023: 'The Social and Ethical Context of Healthcare and Illness' (for medical students), University of Cambridge

2013-2018 'Plato's Republic in Greek', University of Oxford

2013-2018 'Plato's Republic in Translation', University of Oxford

2013-2018 'Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics in Greek', University of Oxford

2013- 2018 'Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics in Translation', University of Oxford


Undergraduate Seminars
2023-2024 'Paradoxes in Greek, Indian and Chinese Philosophy' (Module convenor)

2023-2024 'Plato's Gorgias: Politics, Pleasure and How to Talk to One Another', Heinrich Heine Universität (Module convenor)

2022-2023 Plato's Gorgias, University of Essex

2022-2023 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', University of Essex

2020-2022 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', UCL

2019-2022 'Topics in Aristotle', UCL

2019 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', 'Topics in Greek Philosophy: Plato', University College London 

2018-2019 'Philosophy of Psychology', King's College London 

2018-2019 'Introduction to Chinese Philosophy', King's College London 

2018-2019 'Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics', King's College London 

2018-2019 'Introduction to Ancient Philosophy', King's College London

2012-2013 'Aristotle', King's College London

2012-2013 'Philosophy of Religion', King's College London 

2012-2013 'Metaphysics I', King's College London 


Graduate supervision:

2019-2020: PhD thesis (Plato's Euthydemus), UCL

2020-2023: MA dissertations (applied ethics, ethics, public policy, Indian philosophy, Graeco-Roman philosophy)


Graduate Classes

2023-2024 'Health Policy', Heinrich Heine Universität 

2023-2024 'Ageing and Identity', Heinrich Heine Universität 

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